Galaxy Brain is a creative studio, small press, and Risograph printing concern in the Bay Area. Galaxy Brain is run by Philip James and Liam Campbell.

Weird News From Good Boys / Vice Versa

We are proud to announce our least lucrative idea to date, The Galaxy Brain Printing Library. In accordance with our library socialist ideals, we are experimentally providing free Risograph and 3D printing services to our neighbors in the Bay Area.

The Galaxy Brain Printing Library —
It’s Free, What More Could You Want™

Our Work

We make everything from zines about wine to telephony apps for podcasters. You can see the full set of what we do on our Projects page

We also partner with other folks to publish their zines, print their art, and make things happen. It’s all available on our store.

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Behind The Scenes

It makes us happy to share our work with people—not just the end products, but the process as well. We thoroughly document our work (and its tribulations) on Instagram and in our newsletter, Action Potential.

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Work With Us

If you want to get something beautiful and strange out into the world, we want to work with you. Give us as little or as much information as you have.

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